One-on-One Business Improvement Program

One-on-One Coaching

Your employees have you to hold them accountable to achieve results, but who holds you accountable?

Who makes sure you actually achieve the goals you set for yourself in business?  Unless you have external accountability it’s all too easy to let yourself down…to make less money and work longer hours than you should.

A coach brings an external view to what you are doing. You can’t stand outside yourself and observe how you are operating your business but with a coach you can. Your business coach is also a great sounding board.

This program is for you only if you want to achieve to your maximum potential and your business to achieve the same.  It’s an intensive one-on-one program with the owner/s of the business.  (If you have a General Manager they may also be involved in this program).

Together with your coach you set clear business goals and create a simple one-page plan to achieve them.  Then in your fortnightly sessions your coach will help you brainstorm your way through obstacles and hold you accountable to implementing the strategies in your plan.

This program is for you if you own a business that turns over at least $750k.  Our typical one-on-one client turns over between $1M and $50M.  This is for you if you want to break through the glass ceiling that has been holding you back from getting the results you deserve and taking your business to the next level.

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Group Business Improvement Program

Group CoachingThis is a great cost-effective introductory program.  You’ll experience the same process as our one-on-one program but with up to 5 like-minded, non competing business owners and managers.

This program is ideal for smaller businesses that aren’t yet ready for one-on-one.  A side benefit is the mastermind group of fellow business leaders your bounce ideas off, learn and grow with.

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Business Education Program

Business Education ProgramThis is a 7 session, workshop style program which covers all the key areas of business that business owners need to master.
You’ve probably heard the expression “you’ve got to work on your business not just in your business”, but how do you actually do that?  Working on your business, means creating a business that is systemised. One that ultimately works without you being trapped in it.


This is the perfect course to get you started.
Each session forms a sensible, practical building block that teaches you how to work on your business step by step.


The sessions are titled:

  1. Setting your future
  2. Mastering your time
  3. Generating cashflow
  4. Mastering your finances
  5. Systemising your business
  6. Team building and leadership
  7. Your plan for success

At the end of the 7 sessions you get a BONUS one-on-one session to critique your plan and set you on the path to success.

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WorkshopsWe run a range of workshops for both the general public and for individual companies.  These workshops can be customised in duration anywhere from 1 hour to 2 days (or more) depending on the depth required by the client.

Workshop topics incude:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Team building
  • Marketing
  • Time Management
  • Business Systemisation
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership
  • Vision, Mission and Culture
  • DISC Personality Profiling
  • Recruitment

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Executive Development Program

This program for senior executives is designed to improve their leadership and management skills, promote growth in their careers and to help them fulfill their potential.

It can be a one-on-one or small group program tailored in duration to suit the company’s needs.

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Guest Speaking

We are engaging guest speakers available for keynote presentations at company conferences.

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We can facilitate at your corporate workshops, conferences and meetings. For example this might include business planning sessions, sales brainstorming sessions, team building sessions etc.

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We are able to facilitate the creation of Business Plans and Marketing Plans.

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