How To Find the Hidden Profits in Your Business

When business is a little slow and profits are low, if you’re like most Business Owners you probably focus on increasing sales.

This seems a logical place to start….BUT….there are a two more powerful, faster strategies you should employ first.

The good news is, you simply need to look within your business to literally find the hidden profits that already exist there…and unlock them.

The first way to unlock the hidden profits in your business is quite simply to put your prices up.

This strategy is one which most business owners either overlook or avoid. Yet it’s extremely powerful.

Its power lies in the fact that your results can be immediate and positive. The price increases often flow straight to your bottom line (your net profit).

The flipside of this strategy is stopping discounting.  Many business owners turn to discounting as their first strategy when they need to boost sales.

Have you ever heard yourself thinking “I know, I’ll discount my prices and the customers will come flooding in”.

Discounting is a dangerous game.  We find it’s often endemic in a business and sales people and business owners are oblivious to the fact that they are using it every day…out of habit.

There are much better ways to increase sales.

In this First Friday Club, we’ll show you simple tactics you can put in place to put money straight on your bottom line

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