“I’ve got Mondayitis everyday…I’m just not excited about my business anymore!”

“I’ve got Mondayitis everyday…I’m just not excited about my business anymore!”

You’ve built a good business.  You know it has the potential to become a great one, but somehow you’ve lost your spark.  You lack Vision for yourself and your business.

This is such a tough one.  Often you don’t even realise you’re in this rut until you’ve been in it for quite a while.  It’s a bit like a stale marriage – you’ve fallen out of love with your business.  You know you should be excited by your business but you don’t have the energy.  Things are still chugging along ok, which is why you haven’t notice it creeping in.

Then one day you get a wake-up call.  A key employee walks out, a great client leaves or you have a really disastrous financial quarter.  You didn’t see it coming and you feel lost.  You simply don’t have the energy to re-inject into your business.

If you can relate to this scenario, it could be that you’ve achieved what you initially set out to do with your business.  You have a level of financial security and you’re simply no longer excited by the day to day of your business any more.  Once you’ve achieved your initial goals (whether they were written down or not) you can be left with an empty feeling.

Thankfully the cure is quite simple.  We help you get back in touch with the reasons why you were passionate about your business in the first place.  You see, most people rarely examine where they want to go in life and in business…and even if they want to, they don’t really know how.

Our simple goals setting formula will help you get your mojo back!  We’ll work with you to truly examine what the next step is for your and your business, be that scaling it up, re-inventing it, changing distribution channels, injecting new equity in or preparing it for sale.  Whichever direction you choose, you’ll regain your passion and purpose.

Where to from here?

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