“I can’t get my people to do what I want!”

“I can’t get my people to do what I want!”

You went into business so you’d have more time, but now you work the hardest in the business and take the least amount of holidays. You just can’t seem to get, keep and motivate your people. 

You’re not alone with this problem. We here this complaint every day. It’s frustrating. You’ve got a good business and a bunch of staff, yet you’re still working 50 to 60 hour weeks.

The interesting fact is when we talk to employees in businesses, their top two complaints are:

“We don’t know what’s expected of us?”


“There’s not enough communication”.

We give this feedback to the owner and they say “You’re kidding, I tell them what to do every day and I still have to do most things myself!”

There is a better way.

An electrical wholesaler we worked with had exactly this problem. Business was good. Sales were coming in strongly. In fact they were turning over $10million. BUT, the business owner was working 50-60 hour weeks and didn’t know what to do about it.

To fix this problem first we helped him get clear on where he wanted the business to go, both in the short term (6 to 12 months and the long term (2 to 5 years). We then helped him to “get the Team on-board” by sharing his Vision and goals with them.

We then helped him put in place 3 simple strategies:

  1. Simple, clear cut activity KPI’s that his Team needed to meet week in and out.
  2. Simple measurements of results the Team needed to achieve.
  3. A quick weekly Meeting to monitor the results.

And the results were impressive. In the space of 18 months the owners was able to drop his working hours to 25 hours per week.

Until you understand how to apply these simple strategies in your business you’ll continue to be frustrated!

Where to from here?

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