Business: Powerdist
Client: Alan Linklater

“Since working with David and Harry, we’ve been able to treble our profits….I can highly recommend David and Harry, they are fantastic to work with and it’s the best business decision I’ve ever made.”

Business: T K Distributors
Client: Kirsten Bridge

“We’ve managed to triple our sales, double our profits, secure our supply chain and acquire new premises…I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David and Harry to anyone.”

Business: Tozer Air Conditioning
Client: Michael Reynolds and Greg Dawson

“Bringing David and Harry on board has helped us achieve our business and personal goals…It’s been a great adventure…(they’ve) made us look at the business from the outside instead of just being tradesmen on the tools…Don’t consider, just do it!”

Business: Cherry Road Nursery
Client: Mathew Kelly

“Before I met David and Harry we had a few challenges…Now, with their help we are getting great results with our marketing…When you work with David and Harry you’ll find there’s no excuses, you’re always made to stick to the plan and the things you want to get done.”

Business: Colterlec
Client: Grant Turner

“When I first met David and Harry I had a very strong business.  What I didn’t have was a lot of time….I now have a General Manager in place….Some simple strategies initiatives have increased my bottom line by thousands of dollars…I can only encourage anybody who is running a business to make contact with David and Harry.”

Business: Great Aussie Bush Camp
Client: Brad Higgins

“Momentum’s One-on-one Program allows collective experience to be applied to your business through making you more accountable to your own vision and goals. The journey of discovery is amazing and the best business investment to date.”

Business: Castle Railings and Gates
Client: John Laws

“Harry and David are our mentors, tutors, planning facilitators and at times ‘unreasonable friends’ as they keep us focused and working towards our goals. They are a vital part of our business development.”

Business: BusinessCraft
Client: Heather Cotrell

Momentum’s One-on-One Program is important because:

  1. It gives you enthusiasm.
  2. Gives you great goals
  3. Helps you make your business work and grow
  4. They are great blokes- good looking too! *

*Heather was not paid to say this lol

Business: Snows Patisserie
Client: Jason Cox

“David and Harry have helped us identify issues within our business to improve and work towards achieving better results and profitability.”