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You Just Can’t Get Good People

“You just can’t get good people”… Have you ever said this?  Normally you say this when exasperated by something one of your staff members has just done. Well guess what?  You get the people you deserve.  That’s right – you get the people you deserve. It’s human nature for us to blame others when something…

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Why Clients Leave You

Some time ago we referred a friend of ours to a builder.  This friend wanted to do a major renovation of her home. The builder we referred was excellent at his craft and had built a house for one of our clients.   Our friend went ahead with the builder we referred. About 6 weeks after…

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Why you Don’t Want Satisfied Customers

Satisfied customers will NOT build you a great business…you need something more!  Hands up if you want “satisfied customers”?  It’s a question we ask in all our workshops on customer service.  Invariably most of the hands in the room go up. But do you really want satisfied customers?  When was the last time you raved…

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