Find the hidden profits in your business


 Do you ever feel you work the hardest in your business but have the least to show for it?  You're making sales, turning over reasonable money....but where are the profits?

This course will show you where they are hidden and how to unlock them.



  • You'll free up profits that are already lying dormant in your business...without needing to bring in any more sales
  • You'll be doing more with less
  • You'll start to really see the fruits of your labour, instead of working hard for little or no result
  • You'll start to accumulate cash reserves instead of constantly struggling to pay the bills
  • You'll be able to invest in your business so you can actually start to grow it
  • You'll feel a new sense of confidence in your abilities as a business owner

Have you have ever said to yourself...I'm turning over good money, but where's the profit?

Do you feel like you are working really hard, making sales and turning over reasonable dollars, but there never seems to be money left over after paying the bills? If you are nodding along then this is the course for you!

You are not alone, we have coached thousands of small business owners and this is one of their greatest frustrations.

What lifestyle was your business going to give you?

Let's face it, one of the reasons you went into business was to create a better lifestyle through the profits you were going to make. 

You probably do quite well at generating sales and turnover.  But it's so frustrating when you can't reap the rewards from your business, because the profits simply aren’t there.

You wonder how you will ever make enough profit to create the lifestyle you went into business for in the first place? doesn't have to be like this. In time, you can turn your business into a highly profitable machine.  One that not only pays for your lifestyle but also has profits left over for you to invest. 

Let us help and guide you to take the first steps on a journey to find the hidden profits in your business.



inside the program

Learn "the power of pricing" and what to do about it to get amazing results.

 Learn the massive effect discounting can have on your business and how it could be costing you thousands.

Learn how to effectively reduce your cost of goods and your overheads, without damaging your quality.

A look at what's coming

The power of pricing

This lesson covers the simplest strategy possible – putting your prices up.  This strategy is one which most business owners overlook or avoid.  Yet it's extremely powerful.

In this lesson we discuss why many business owners avoid this strategy and we’ll show you how to truly understand "the power of pricing" and what to do about it to get amazing results.


The hidden effects of discounting

Many business owners turn to discounting as their first strategy when they need to boost sales. 

“I know, I'll discount my prices and the customers will come flooding in”.  Does this sound familiar?

But...discounting can have very negative effects on a business.

In this lesson we will discuss why many business owners turn to discounting as soon as they have a need to increase their sales and the reality behind using discounting as a strategy.

Reducing your costs

Many business owners don’t look at their costs closely enough.  Often their customers and clients will ask them for a discount, but they don’t think of asking their suppliers for a discount or a rebate.  Sometimes it’s because they simply don’t know how best to ask.

In this video we look at two key aspects of reducing your costs:

  • Your cost of goods sold
  • Your overhead expenses


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Success Stories

"Great reminder of how to work smarter.”

Sharon Smith

Andor IT

“Very informative regarding discounts versus rebates."

Russell Atkins

Centurion Fire and Rescue Equipment


“Simple ideas that change how you look at your business.”

Louise Buyers

Margan Family Wine Growers


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  • 3 Self-Paced Video Modules
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