12-Week Intensive
Group Coaching

Build a better business today with two of Australia's most experienced business coaches




So you've been frustrated by your business for a while now and you feel like you are going round and round in circles, you don’t know where to turn for help. One day just blends into the next… you are stuck in what we call the daily grind of business.

This Group Coaching Program is designed to help you break this pattern of frustration…it will set you on the path to building a Better Business today.

The Group Coaching Program is an ideas fest on how to build a better business...

A business that gives you more time, money and a better team. Not only will you learn the theory behind improving your business, you will be able to apply these learnings straight into your business.

If you find business can be a lonely place then this will be perfect for you. You will form a bond with a close-knit team of like-minded small business owners who are on the same journey of transforming their business.



Success Stories

"The Momentum System and the direct business education sessions presented by Harry and David are fantastic. 

After working with Momentum I now know where I’m going, why I’m going there and steps I need to take to get there.

I highly recommend the Momentum Group Coaching program to business owners and operators who want to build a profitable business that works with or more importantly without them!"

Rob Keyes

Mobile Shredding

"As a CEO of an entrepreneurial company I found group coaching invaluable. Every session we covered a different topic based in the “Momentum System”. David and Harry have a flare for facilitating the board room style frank conversations, which honestly were liberating. 

I uncovered at least one gold nugget every session, which resulted in the transformation of many areas of my business. Momentum’s group coaching is a powerful applied learning program that will help transform your leadership and business. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Simon Ashley 

Atune Health Centres

A Look Ahead at Our 7 Sessions

Session 1: Getting you on track

Your program gets underway with the most important thing in your business…YOU! Do you know where you are heading, what you really want from your business and your life? We will cover it all here in the first session. Why personal goals are so important and how to set and achieve them. We will also uncover the core fundamentals to success in any business.

Session 2: Let’s get Momentum

Have you ever felt that your business has a life of its own? That sometimes you are plain out of control. How do you know what to work on and when? This session will remedy those feelings and questions. 

We will start to explore the Momentum System™ in this session, but not just explore it…you are going to get to work creating your key components, the overall map for your business success.

Session 3: The power of Uniqueness

If you are the same as everyone else, then you will always compete on price. By module three you will be delving into the area of and creating your Uniqueness, why and how you are going to be different and how that can generate so much more profit.

Session 4: The key to having the right people on your bus

Leading your team is a core ingredient to success for all businesses large or small. But do you know how to lead and create a winning culture. In this module we will unpack the myths around leadership and show you how to get the right culture.

Session 5: Let's map out the journey (business goals and kfg’s)

As the saying goes…”those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. In this session you will plan out what the next 5 years looks like in your business. Not every detail of course, but a high-level overview of the key goals that your business is going to achieve.

Session 6: Turning the dials up

A detailed look at the 7 Momentum Drivers and how making small changes in these seven key areas can lead to a 62% increase in profit in your business. You will select the 7 drivers that are right for your business.

Session 7: The secret ingredient

The secret ingredient to really make and help you get momentum easier is to add velocity to your business. In this session we will unravel the key components to creating velocity and how you apply them to your business.

Bonus Session!!!

Now you have your business improvement plan it is of no use to you unless you have the time to implement it and you manage your time effectively. In this bonus session we will show you the key secrets to managing your time so you can get the most out of your plan.

Here is what you will have achieved in the seven sessions:

A completed 10-year Personal Goal template - without one you will always be lost!

Your Vision, Purpose, Culture, Uniqueness defined - critical to the success of any business!

A completed 5-year Business Goal template - confidence that you can make the right decisions in the future!

Your 7 Momentum drivers plan - this will truly unlock the profit in your business!

A friendship group of other like-minded business owners...there is strength in numbers!

 How the Program is delivered.

There are six fortnightly sessions delivered virtually - live and online - so you don't need to waste time travelling.
Each session will build on the previous, so it's easy to follow. Also the sessions will be recorded so if you miss one, you can easily catch up.
There will be a small amount of homework at the end of each session. That's where you implement what you have point learning and not doing!
You will be given FREE exclusive access to our online Business Academy while on the 12-week program, to further enhance your learning and save you hundreds of dollars.
You will also get unlimited access to the business coaches via email during the 12-week intensive program to help answer any questions you may have.
We keep our group sizes small typically 12-15 businesses. So you won't get lost in the crowd.
Money-Back Guarantee. If after attending the complete program and fully implementing all of your commitments, you feel you did not get great value, you will be refunded your full investment and you can keep all your course materials.

If you want to change your business and your life…but you do nothing different to what you have always done then you are going to remain where you are.

Frustrated by your business as it goes in round and round in circles!