Do Your Customers Talk About You?

Hopefully they do…but what are they saying?

In our experience there are only two ends of the spectrum that your customers will talk about…GOOD or BAD.

No one talks about the bit in the middle!

You see the bit in the middle is just the average level your customers expect to get. 

Let’s look at this example – You’ve just purchased a new surfboard.  Your experience was exactly what you expected.  You walked into the surf shop, looked at what was on display, pulled out two or three boards to get a really good look and feel of them, and you chose one. 

You haggled a little on the price and the sales assistant gave you a 10% discount. 

Who would you rave about that experience to?

Now let’s have a look at a very different experience. 

You go into another surf store.  You are welcomed as soon as you enter.  You’re offered your choice of espresso coffee, tea, or a cold soft drink.  The sales assistant, Kelly, asks you a few insightful questions about the board you are looking for. 

For example – how experienced a surfer are you, what your local break is, whether you’re a goofy or natural footer, what size waves you max out at, whether you travel with your board and what other boards you currently own.

She helps you chooses 3 boards to inspect based on what you’ve told her.  She explains many of her clients are beginners just like you – business people who are getting into surfing later in life.

She talks about the best types of board for making it easy to get onto waves, which is important for beginners.  She discusses what makes a board more stable versus more manoeuvrable.  She also explains what size board you should be looking at for your body size.

While you are checking out the 3 surfboards, she explains that all the boards in her shop are locally made.  Unlike most stores which either import finished, mass produced boards from China, her boards are hand shaped and glassed locally by a select few experienced board makers who work exclusively for her.  This makes them more suitable to local conditions, more unique and harder to ding. She also explains that when you buy a board from her you can also access her experts to repair dings if you do get one.

Kelly explains that you will find cheaper boards elsewhere, but the high-quality foam cores, multiple layers of fine glassing and expert craftsmanship will ensure that these boards will last for years and become collectors’ items.

You choose one of the 3 boards and pay for it without bothering to haggle over price.

You get home, and in the bottom of the board bag, you find a cake of surf wax with a gift tag attached that says “Thanks for coming in today, we really appreciate you choosing to buy your board from us.  Regards Kelly.”

Three days later, you receive by express post, a wax comb (for removing old wax from your board).  There’s a card that says “Hope you’ve had a chance to test out your board.  Thought this comb might come in handy”. Thanks again, Kelly”.

How many surfer friends do you tell about your radical experience bro?