How to Lead Your Team

Not long ago, in the days before Covid-19, we ran a workshop with over 100 business owners in the room and I asked a very simple question. “Who in this room is happy to put up their hand and call themselves a leader?” Now out of 100 business owners in the room I reckon we got about 10 people that were actually confident to put their hand up and call themself a leader.

That to me as a business coach is so frustrating. Why, what’s happened?  Leadership has become this thing that is almost bigger than everybody else and it really shouldn’t be.  If you’re running a business you need to be a great leader.  So here’s a couple of tips on how to do it. 

Think about your business as a bus or you’re a bus driver. This is the analogy that we’re going to use.  

The first thing is you have to grab the keys which is to take ownership. If you don’t have the keys that bus you cannot drive it. Make sure it’s taking ownership. 

The second thing is, are you looking through a clean windscreen?  Do you know where it is that you want your business to go?  If you don’t know that, your business is going to go around in circles.

The third thing is, who are you letting on your bus?  Who is on your bus is so critical and so important.  And are they sitting in the right seats?  That’s another job for you as a leader.

The fourth thing is do you have a good PA system?  A public address system?  How would you communicate if you are at the front of the bus? How well do the people down the back of the bus know what it is that you want them to do?

Get those four things. That’s what leadership really is.  Get those 4 things right you can transform how you lead your business.

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