The Number 1 Thing that will Help you Sell More

Sales are the lifeblood of your business.  If no-one makes a sale, you have no business.


Most people hate selling.  They hate it with a passion.

They hate being called a Salesperson.  In fact, they hate anything “Salesy”.

This is because most people feel that to be a salesperson is to be… 



a liar,


dishonest, and only

focused on commission. 

We know this because we’ve asked literally thousands of people in our workshops what their beliefs about salespeople are.  

A lot of the responses we can’t even publish here…words like [email protected], A$%holes…

While these are societal stereotypes, they can be so ingrained in us, that they hold us back to the point that we avoid even appearing to be a salesperson.

Without a doubt, these attitudes and beliefs, are the biggest roadblocks people have when it comes to making more sales in their business.  If you don’t understand and fix this your business will never reach its full potential.

Think about it, most salespeople’s business cards don’t even say ‘Salesperson’ or ‘Sales Representative’.  Instead they now say things like ‘Business Development Manager’ or ‘Account Manager’.

It’s a bit like the words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ are vulgar and not to be spoken.

So, let’s explore how this really works.  Let’s look at how our beliefs and attitudes can hugely influence our actions and behaviours.  

Here’s an example:

A training company is running a course on “How to Make Ten Million Dollars in a Week”. This one-day course costs only $995.

It teaches all the skills to be an effective bank robber. 

It also has a unique guarantee, which states that if you’re caught by the police you will be rescued before you spend a single night in jail and you will get away with $10 million. 

A pretty amazing guarantee!

Most people love the idea of having $10 million. 

However, most people don’t see themselves as a Bank Robber. 

Also, when it’s explained to them that the first step in robbing a bank is shooting a bank employee in the stomach with a shotgun, they’re no longer interested in the course.  (This is a good thing of course!).

Most people don’t believe that stealing or hurting other people is a good thing, so they would never do the bank robbery course.  

You see, you can learn all the skills in the world, but if those skills contradict your beliefs, values and who you are as a person, you won’t change your behaviour. 

In the same way, most people hold strongly negative beliefs around selling. 

Many undertake sales courses but fail to improve their results because these negative beliefs hold them back. They don’t want to appear to be a ‘pushy salesperson’.

Until you change your beliefs about selling, you’ll always find it difficult to sell.  If you find it difficult to sell, business overall will be difficult too. 

Our belief is that selling is simply “helping people get what they need”.  Once you adopt a positive belief like this, selling becomes much easier and so does growing your business.

So, the next time you’re face to face with a prospective customer, focus on “how can I help them get what they need?”.

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