Why Clients Leave You

Some time ago we referred a friend of ours to a builder.  This friend wanted to do a major renovation of her home. The builder we referred was excellent at his craft and had built a house for one of our clients.  

Our friend went ahead with the builder we referred.

About 6 weeks after the renovation was completed, our friend took us for the grand tour through the house.  It was immaculate. We asked her if she was happy with the builder we had recommended.

“All the tradesmen who worked here were fantastic” she said.  “They were so polite, friendly and helpful. The workmanship is great”.

“So, you’re happy with the builder?” we asked.

“No, I’m really disappointed with him”.  She replied.  

“Why?” we asked.

“It’s been 6 weeks since we moved back in and he hasn’t even called to find out if we’re happy with the house!”.

She meant it.  She was dead serious.  Even though the builder had done a great quality job, he had let himself down in the one key area that clients care about.  

Clients leave because they think you don’t care.  It’s called “Perceived indifference”.  

Of course, you do care, BUT they think you don’t.  They perceive you don’t. 68% of clients who leave, do so because of perceived indifference.

But most business owners are more focused on getting new clients through the door than focusing on the clients they already have.  On average, most companies lose half their customer base every five years. Varying estimates place the cost of acquiring new customers at six to ten times more than selling to existing customers.  Losing customers can drastically affect your company’s reputation, credibility, referrals, sales, and profitability.So, it’s time to get to work showing clients you do care!

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