Why you Don’t Want Satisfied Customers

Satisfied customers will NOT build you a great business…you need something more! 

Hands up if you want “satisfied customers”?  It’s a question we ask in all our workshops on customer service.  Invariably most of the hands in the room go up.

But do you really want satisfied customers?  When was the last time you raved about a satisfactory experience?  

Picture this scene.  You have just had your first ever kiss, a moment that you thought was amazing, you ask your partner “how was the kiss for you?” they reply, “satisfactory thank you”. Hmmm not a comment you would boast to your friends about.

You see satisfaction is what we expect to get. It’s just entry to the game. But if you give your customers something that they did not expect, well that can be a game changer. 

So, your challenge becomes figuring out what are the expectations of your customers and then exceeding those expectations.

Not necessarily, you see your first step, depends on how well you are doing the basics of meeting their expectations. Then, and only then, can you look to exceed them…make sure you get the basics right first. But we digress, that’s not the purpose of this post.

Let’s give you a real-life example. One of our clients demonstrated this point well. Our client was a builder that specialised in up market homes and renovations. They were carrying out a bathroom and kitchen renovation for a client. This was no ordinary renovation the total cost was around the $100,000 mark. Also, the client was heading overseas for 2 months and wanted the whole project completed by the time they returned.

When their client returned from their overseas trip they were absolutely amazed by what they found.  In fact, in the following weeks, they proceeded to tell their friends about how great their builder was. 

Both the Kitchen and Bathroom were completed and looked great, BUT this was not what amazed them. What amazed them was that the Builder had mowed their lawn, stocked their fridge with fresh milk, eggs, ham and bread and left them a small note. 

The note basically welcomed them back from their trip, let them know they had only the day before purchased these items in case they were hungry when they got home, and that they would be in contact later that day to walk them through the finished project.

This simple act got them rave reviews from their client…it was all they could talk about. You see their client paid good money for the Kitchen and Bathroom renovation. They EXPECTED it to look good and be finished (the basics). 

They had not expected a mowed lawn, the groceries and a note. Yet this is what the client was most impressed by, all for less than a $100 cost to the builder.

Don’t stick with satisfied customers…no one is talking about satisfaction, find your way to Exceed what your customers expect!

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