You Need More Sales….Or Do You?

You’re frustrated.  You have a great product and offer a great service but the phone’s just not ringing.  Prospects aren’t walking through the door and when they do, they don’t buy.  Meanwhile your competitors are growing while you feel you’re stagnating. 

The frustrating thing about this problem is that it could really be one of 2 problems…or both going on at the same time.

Here’s what we mean.

You could have a marketing problem, which means that not enough enquiries are coming in through the door.

OR, you might have a sales problem, which means prospects are contacting your business but not converting into customers.

OR…you could have BOTH problems going on at the same time!

Much like a client of ours.  A retailer with two outlets in the Hunter Valley.  He had traditionally spent thousands of dollars per year on “shotgun advertising” – TV, radio and Newspaper ads.  BUT business was stagnating.  He had both problems but didn’t really know it.

His marketing was generating some traffic to the stores, but because he wasn’t measuring it, he didn’t know which marketing strategies were working and how much each lead was costing him to generate.

Also, when clients were visiting his shops they simply weren’t buying all they could.

We introduced three simple strategies.

  1. We tested and measured all lead generation strategies and only kept using those that paid for themselves.
  2. We focused on marketing to existing clients through creating a strong loyalty club.
  3. We changed the way they sold, by focusing on helping their clients get what they want, rather than on selling what the shops had to sell.

Now our client no longer advertises externally.  All his marketing pays for itself and the average dollar sale per customer is way up.

Until you understand which of these problems is actually happening in your business and what to do about them, you’ll continue to be frustrated!