You’ve Only Got 4000 Weeks!

Let’s get this into perspective and give you a number straight away that horrifies some people. We get about 4,000 weeks on this planet, yep that’s right 4,000 weeks.

That’s all that we get…about 80 years.

Has this horrified you? Well it’s reality.  Time keeps on ticking and there’s nothing we can do to control that.

Now picture that you’re halfway through those 4,000 weeks.  You’ve got about 2,000 weeks left to go.

You will sleep for around about 29% of those 2,000 weeks, which means you’ll be asleep for about 600 weeks!

You will spend about 12 weeks in the shower.

So, here’s a time management tip for you straight away…stop showering and stop sleeping!

Probably not very helpful and definitely not very hygienic!

But seriously…the clock is always ticking.  You’re spending a lot of time at work, so what you do with your time is critical.

People often say things like… “My day is just flat out. I’m just so, so busy, I can’t fit anything more in. There are so many emails coming in, all of my staff keep on coming and talking to me, there’s customers, there’s all this stuff I’ve got to do, I’m so busy, but I get to the end of the day and feel like I haven’t achieved anything!”

Can you picture that?  Have you ever had a day like that?

Imagine you are having one of those days, when suddenly a message comes through telling you that your daughter has just been rushed to hospital!

What do you do?

You drop everything and you go to the hospital.

But you’ve got this long list of stuff you’ve got to do…how can you leave?  You can’t afford to go, but of course you do go.

Your priorities changed at the exact moment you got the message.  Your daughter became the priority.

You need to understand you can’t manage time.  The clock keeps on ticking.  What you can manage is what you do with your time.  What are your priorities?  In the time available in your day, what are you going to make important?  What will be your “must do” items?

Most business owners don’t even use a To-Do List, let alone one that’s been prioritised.  They are doomed to live the same stressful day, time and time again.  Don’t fall into that trap.