Fast-track your cashflow


Cash is king! Businesses can go broke even though they're making a profit, because they run out of cash. This course will transform your business into a machine that dispenses cash!



  • You'll sleep better knowing that you have enough cash to pay the bills
  • You'll learn how to unlock the cash that's sitting in your business right now, without having to make any more sales
  • You'll get to the end of the month and have money left over after paying all the bills
  • You'll reduce your overdraft and save interest
  • You'll stop asking yourself "where's the money gone" because it will be sitting in your bank account

Have you have ever said to yourself..."we've made a profit, but where's the money gone?"

Do you ever feel like you are working hard, making good sales, but you just can't seem to get on top of your cash flow?  Your accountant tells you you've made a profit, but it certainly hasn't appeared in your bank account!  You get to the end of each month and wonder how you're going to pay the bills. 

Well, you're not alone.  Most business owners are either stuck where you are, or have been through it. We have coached thousands of small business owners and this is one of the biggest challenges in growing a business.

Your business should be a cash machine.


Let's face it, one of the reasons you went into business was to earn more money than you could working in a job.

On paper you probably do.  But it's so frustrating when you can't unlock the cash that's hidden in your business.  You pay the bills but only just and there doesn't ever seem to be any money left for you.

You wonder how you will ever generate the cash to for the lifestyle you went into business to achieve? doesn't have to be like this.  In time, you can turn your business into a cash machine.  One you can "withdraw" from whenever you choose to. 

Let us help and guide you to take the first steps on a journey to fast-track your cashflow.



inside the program

Learn how your invoicing cycle has a massive impact on your cashflow and how to harness its power.

 Learn why you may be acting as a bank for your customers and what to do about it.

Learn simple tips you can apply straight away to improve your cash flow.

A look at what's coming

Timely Invoicing - simple but not easy

Your first step in this course is one of the simplest strategies possible – invoicing your customers in a timely manner. 

This is so obvious, yet it's one of the causes of cashflow issues in many businesses. 

The power of this strategy lies in the fact that your results can be immediate and positive.  

In this lesson we examine why many business owners don't invoice quickly enough, the effects this has, and what you can do to transform the cashflow of your business.


Collecting your money 

Have you been paid for the work you've done? 

Or are you operating like a bank for your customers by completing the work, invoicing for the work, but then not getting paid for the work in a timely manner.

This is so common in business and can have a negative effect on your cashflow.

This lesson will show you how to transform your business into one that gets paid on-time, every-time!



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"Useful & easy to implement strategies."

Jason Bradley

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"Some valuable techniques to increase profits in business with minimal effort."

Luke Boyle



“Simple ideas that change how you look at your business.”

Louise Buyers

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  • 2 Self-Paced Video Modules
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