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business coaches Harry Raftos and David Crook
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Who we help... 


We help small business owners, with limited formal business education, who want to build a profitable business that isn't reliant on them. 

So that you can feel secure, not worry about the future, and achieve your original business dream.

Unlike many coaches and consultants that are focused on hype and fluff, we help you take your business to the next level through a proven and simple system backed by over 30,000 hours of real business improvement experience.

Problems we help solve...

I need more time

If you are working too many hours and feel like you have lost control...we can help!

I need more profit

If you are not making enough money our proven system can help!

I need a better team

If you are frustrated by managing your staff, let our system help you get the most from your people!

How we help... 

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Clients we have helped...

"The Momentum Coaching System has been a revelation to our small business. In only a matter of months we have transformed the way we look at and run our business. We have already won orders worth thousands of dollars that we would not have got otherwise. Our only regret is we didn’t do this years ago! "

Ivan & Michelle Flego

IMetal Engineering

“We can’t believe the results we have achieved in such a short period of time. Prior to working with Momentum our business was giving us many sleepless nights, we were a bit all over the place. Now we know exactly where it is we are going; we know what to work on and when. The turnaround in our profit has been nothing short of amazing.

Amanda, Julie & Justin

RM Legal and Conveyancing

Why Momentum...



David and Harry are two of Australia’s most highly-renowned business coaches. After cutting their teeth with multinational firms - the duo has been working with small business owners for over 21 years.

Harry and Dave have helped well over a 1,000 business owners craft practical strategies to transform their business.

With over 35,000 hours of working directly with small business owners, they are ready to share that experience to help transform your business.


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Simply answer the questions and we’ll send you a personalised report. The report will show you what has been holding your business back, it will reveal your blind spots and how to improve them.


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