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David Crook & Harry Raftos business coaches with a Newcastle beach in background

As you can see we are not 35!


Why 35? Well that's the age we both were when we had this great idea and decided that we were going to leave our jobs and start a business. A business that was going to help improve and transform the lives for as many small business owners as we could.

We help small business owners who want to build a better business. If that’s you then please read our story… we could be a good match!

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How did we become business coaches?

We had been friends for many years…hell we even look alike.

As fate would have it albeit at different times, we both ended up working for the same large multinational company. A company that invested heavily in training all their employees. Due to our roles we were lucky enough to be exposed to world class content and educators in all the key areas of growing a business.

We had always talked about running our own business…the freedom and lifestyle that it would bring. But we had great jobs and what would we do anyway?

Well that question was answered when Harry attended a seminar on a business coaching franchise, this was it, all the corporate training and life experiences had led him to this point.

With all sorts of other things going on in his life (first born child, property development to name a few) he made the decision and jumped into the franchise…and before you knew it David joined the franchise also and that is how we became business coaches.

Harry Raftos and David Crook business coaches on street in Newcastle

Two old friends getting in our exercise on the way to the café 😊

There were some rough years

We both left our cushy corporate jobs, hit the ground running, and never looked back, everything was roses! Not quite.

There were many challenges along the way that tested our resolve…was this the right decision?

The business coaching industry was in its infancy, few people had even heard of a business coach.

We would fight hard to get some clients, then learn to coach them, only to lose the client because we were not a fit, then back to the marketing again. It was a frustrating cycle.

Business was not freedom, it was a grind, not enough clients, or money but we still seemed to be working all the time. So, we got coached! We completely redesigned our coaching model.

This was a game-changer for us and our clients...the results for ourselves and our clients went to the next level.

Our time with the franchise

We got through those first years and our time with the franchise was great, we met many awesome people and coaches along the way and we learnt so much.

In fact, we didn’t just survive…we thrived! We ended up winning many awards inside the 1000 strong franchise for things like best client results through to longest client retention.

But something was still missing...

Our dream, we wanted to be our own boss, we needed to leave the franchise to really grow.

It was time to create our own system!



Live workshops where we first tested the Momentum System and put it through its paces (the days when David had hair 😊)

Harry teaching a packed room of small business owners how to apply the Momentum System (wow…look at our old logo)

David applying the Momentum System with a group of small business owners. 

Our vision is bold and quite frankly a bit scary -  but that is what a vision should be.

"To be the best in the world at improving the way small businesses work"

For us to get anywhere near this vision we knew that we had to create the simplest model possible. Not just simple (definitely no fluff) had to work.

What do we mean by work? For you - the small business owner - it means it has to give you more TIME, more MONEY and a great TEAM.

So, we looked at all the clients we had helped, we isolated the ones that got the best results in the shortest time period and we pulled their success apart, looking for what was common.

We were able to distil their successes down to a few key factors and strategies.

Now though, we had to put these factors and strategies in a simple to remember and easy to use format. The result: in 2013 The Momentum System™ was born. The combination of over 30,000 hours, (yep that's right 30,000!) of working directly with hundreds of small business owners just like you.

Does the Momentum System work?

We set to work using it with our clients, presenting it at our workshops and seminars, fine-tuning it, throwing some bits out, putting new bits in.

Now, today, we are so happy with how it has all come together. But we guess you could say it will never be perfect, never be finished...we are always testing and reviewing.

Our clients tell us that the system provides a clear, concise and positive road map for their business, they know what to work on and when.

Above all it helps them get more TIME, more MONEY and a better TEAM, and that is such a rewarding and humbling thing to hear.

The system has become our unique way of simplifying a business and all its moving parts onto one easy to understand page.

It guides small business owners just like you, so you know exactly what you should be working on and when. 

Still to this day we are always fine-tuning the Momentum System

When implementing the system into your business the results are staggering.

For example by applying just one component of The Momentum System™ that we call the 7 Momentum Drivers you can get a 62% increase to your profit, now that's pretty cool.

Showcasing the success of one of our many clients who had applied the Momentum System with hundreds of other small business owners.

And that brings us to present day...

Our journey so far has meant we have been fortunate and privileged to have worked one-on-one with literally hundreds of business people from industries as diverse as law firms and accounting firms, to steel fabricators, consultants, commercial farmers, food service companies, service stations, recruitment companies, air conditioning companies, pubs and building firms, just to name a few. We’ve also presented seminars and workshops to thousands of business people, as well as presenting and training internationally in the US, New Zealand, Europe, Indonesia and Fiji. But still there is something missing...there are thousands...heck millions of business owners who we have not worked with, who truly deserve to get a better business. 

Now...we would love to help you!

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Success Stories

"From working with Momentum I have been earning more and working less. They have taught me how to run a business rather than work in it. If you want a better business and more profit, and are considering working with them, don’t delay and waste time and money. Just do it!"

Greg Dawson

Owner/Director Tozer Air Conditioning

"Our decision to go to Momentum was the most important and successful business decision I've made.  Having them at our shoulder has helped re-invigorate us and our business by helping us focus on our Business Systems.  As a result, our business now employs more people, earns more profit and more importantly, gives us more leisure time."

David Willard 

Former Owner/Director Centurion Fire & Rescue

Our Vision

To be the best in the world at improving the way businesses work.

Our Purpose

To help people do better at business so their business does better for them

The Core Values that we live by...

Be the Best

We ask every business we work with to expect more of themselves, and the same applies to us. Optimism is ambitious.

Climb the Mountain

But ambition without the right goal is dangerous. So pick the right mountain and then throw everything you’ve got at it.

Get in the Trenches

Roll up your sleeves and get inside the business. Don’t fluff about the edges or give airy advice.

Bring Energy & Fun

Get busy. We don’t just look on the bright side, we work our backsides off to make it happen. Optimism thrives in happy places.

We have been fortunate to work with and learn from many inspirational people...

Tom O’Toole, founder of the famous Beechworth Bakery

John McGrath, founder of McGrath Estate Agents, Shark Tank judge, best-selling author

Matt Jones has an eclectic background, combining economics, politics, brand experience and gin and is one of three co-founders, and the brand brains behind Four Pillars Gin

Lawrie McKinna is a Scottish-Australian former football (soccer to some) player, Grand Final winning coach, and former Mayor of Gosford City Council

Alan Oster, NAB Group Chief Economist, and much-quoted commentator on Australian and global economic trends and policy issues

Wayne James Bennett AM, also known by the nickname of "Benny", is an Australian professional rugby league coach

Tony Mowbray, Adventurer and one of Australia’s premier International Motivational and Inspirational speakers

Paul Cave founder of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Natalie Cook OAM, Australian professional beach volleyball player and Olympic gold medallist. She became the first Australian woman to compete at five Olympic Games

Harry Raftos

I know the feeling of being trapped in a business that doesn’t work.  One that makes money but only if you work like a dog.  Or worse, that loses money. 

My parents always owned their own business and were never employed by anyone else because they had no qualifications.  My father lost his dad at 9 years old and had to leave high school in year 8 to go to work in his mum’s café.  My mum immigrated from Greece after WWII when she was 14.  She never got the chance to finish school.  

Their businesses ranged from card & gift shops, to video arcades and cafes.  As a child, I watched them work incredibly hard.  They believed in getting a good education, so that you could have a “great career”.  After school, I ended up with a degree in science and psychology.  This naturally prepared me for building and property development 😊 which I did with my parents for a few years after uni. 

On some level, I knew an entrepreneurial fire burned inside me.  I was extremely lucky to marry Catherine, who dreams big and is willing to try anything.  She encouraged that fire to burn.  She is an entrepreneurial go-getter.  Being by her side has always made me feel invincible and ready to take on the world.  

Together we’ve been blessed with two beautiful sons.  As I write this, one is halfway through year 12 and the other in year 8.  We are incredibly proud of both.  

The next chapter in our dream is to spend every Australian winter in the Greek islands and Italy.  The coaching business David and I have built is designed to provide us with the ability to choose our lifestyle.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping you design your business around your dream lifestyle.

David Crook

I started my working life in England, working for a small business as an apprentice refrigeration & air conditioning mechanic. While I enjoyed getting my hands dirty as a mechanic I was always drawn to the sales side of the business and so progressed into Sales.

I went to explore the world and I ended up in Australia. That's when I really threw myself into Sales and Marketing working in many different companies. There was an air conditioning company, a building company, a transportable building company. Heck...when I first arrived in Australia I even went door to door selling vacuum cleaners. The job sucked 😊 but it taught me so much.

But I eventually found my way into corporate land working with a multinational manufacturer where I was responsible for around $20 million in sales from our distributor base. And if you have read the story above...well you know the rest. I am a loving husband to the beautiful and amazing woman pictured above, a really proud father of two fantastic boys, an average at best soccer player...(but I still play) and I'm an optimist about how good things can be. That view has taken me around the world! I hope to meet with you soon, whether in a virtual training course or in person. Good luck with your business you deserve it.