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We coach and train small business owners who want to build a better business

Harry Raftos and David Crook founded Momentum Business Improvement in Newcastle Australia in 2001, with the aim of helping improve the lives of as many small business owners as we could, by helping them to transform their businesses.

Having worked in both large and small businesses ourselves, we understand the many pressures that business owners are under – managing your finances, your time, your team – and how overwhelming and stressful that can be.

And, we are optimistic that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Through more than 21 years coaching small and medium size business owners and managers, we have developed and refined a unique business improvement and coaching system.

Not only does our system work - it gets our clients real results - it is also simple to understand and use.

We love what we do. And we always feel inspired and privileged to be able to help guide business owners like you to achieve your business and personal goals.

About Us

David Crook - Momentum founder head shot

David Crook

David started out in small business as a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic and went form sweeping the workshop floor to supervising mechanics and on to Sales Management. He was in Sales and Marketing for 15 years, working with a multinational manufacturer.

David is a husband and father of two boys, an average soccer player at best (but is still playing) and is passionate about helping business owners achieve the dream they had when they first started their business.

“I am an optimist about how good things can be. That view has taken me around the world. When I first arrived in Australia from England, I went door to door selling vacuum cleaners. The job “sucked” but it taught me so much.”

Harry Raftos - Momentum founder head shot

Harry Raftos

Harry grew up in a small business family and knows what it’s like to feel trapped by your business. He holds a degree in psychology and had a corporate career working in Sales and Marketing for a multinational.

Harry became a business coach in 2001 because, being a husband and father, he is passionate about helping business owners get a great lifestyle from their business.

My parents always owned their own business and were never employed by anyone else because they had no qualifications. I worked with them, so I know the feeling of being trapped in a business that doesn’t work.  One that makes money but only if you work like a dog.  Or worse, that loses money.”


Our Values


We make the complex simple


We are down to earth and tell it like it is

Icon of a results graph


We focus on achieving measurable results


We inspire people to reach their full potential


We bring energy and enthusiasm to everything we do

    The Momentum Business Improvement System

Our unique system is based on the results of hundreds of clients we have helped – businesses just like yours.

Over the years we have analysed those that got the very best results in the shortest time, and have pulled their success apart looking for what was common.

We have distilled the reasons for those successes down to a powerful set of key factors and strategies. These form the basis of our system.

And, we’ve structured and streamlined them into an easy to use model and one-page planning process.

Your Journey up the Mountain

The Momentum Business Coaching model of a bus going up a mountain.

To help you easily remember the Momentum Model’s key concepts, we use the analogy of a bus driving up a mountain.  

The mountain top is your business’s ultimate goal / destination. It's your inspiration – where you, the driver, want to go. Your Vision.  The flags along the way are the milestones…your 1, 2 and 5 year growth goals.

The bus represents your business. It's a vehicle for delivering on your personal goals (ideally giving you more money and time). You, as the leader, are the driver of your business. Your team are on the bus with you.

The vibe on the bus is your culture. Who you let through the "culture door" onto the bus, and where they sit, is vitally important to your success.

The dashboard holds your key metrics. So you know how the bus is actually running - how fast you are going, how much fuel you are using etc.

The tyres, lubricant and Powercell all represent the areas of your business you must focus on for success. For example, the Powercell features 4 profit chargers and 3 profit drainers.


How we support your journey to the top

In our team workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions we explain these elements step by step, and share easy ways to apply them in your business straight away.

When you implement our system into your business the results can be staggering! For example by applying just one component – the profit powercell – you can get a 110% increase in your profit.

Our clients tell us that the system provides a clear, concise, and positive roadmap for their business. They know what to work on and when.

Above all, it helps them get more time, more money and a high performing team, and that is such a rewarding and humbling thing to hear.


Success Stories

"From working with Momentum I have been earning more and working less. They have taught me how to run a business rather than work in it. If you want a better business and more profit, and are considering working with them, don’t delay and waste time and money. Just do it!"

Greg Dawson
Owner/Director Tozer Air Conditioning

"Our decision to go to Momentum was the most important and successful business decision I've made.  Having them at our shoulder has helped re-invigorate us and our business by helping us focus on our Business Systems.  As a result, our business now employs more people, earns more profit and more importantly, gives us more leisure time."

David Willard
Former Owner/Director Centurion Fire & Rescue

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