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If you are going to invest your valuable time and money to work with a business coach - whether it's in person or taking one of their courses - you have a right to know who else have they helped and guided to build a better business. This page is not about boasting...it's about you and helping you make an informed decision.

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What our clients are saying about our coaching program

Ivan Flego


The Momentum Coaching system has been a revelation to our small business. In only a matter of months we have transformed the way we look at and run our business. We have already won orders worth thousands of dollars that we would not have got otherwise. Our only regret is we didn’t do this years ago!

Amanda Richardson


If you are looking for Business Coaching, then David and Harry are your guys! We highly recommend Momentum. David and Harry are passionate about helping business owners grow their businesses and focus on what is important. They ensure that we are kept on task and accountable. They are part of our business team!


Greg Dawson 


Bringing David and Harry on board has helped us achieve our business and personal goals.  It’s been a great adventure, (they’ve) made us look at the business from the outside instead of just being tradesmen on the tools. Don’t consider, just do it!

David Willard

Sold the business & now retired

Our decision to go to Momentum was the most important & successful business decisions I've made. Having them at our shoulder has helped re-invigorate us & our business by helping us focus on our Business Systems.  As a result, our business now employs more people, earns more profit & more importantly, gives us more leisure time.


Kirsten Bridge


We’ve managed to triple our sales, double our profits, secure our supply chain and acquire new premises. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David and Harry and the Momentum System to anyone.


Alan Linklater

Sold the business & now retired

Since working with David and Harry, we’ve been able to treble our profits….I can highly recommend David and Harry, they are fantastic to work with and it’s the best business decision I’ve ever made.

Brad Higgins


Coaching allows collective experience to be applied to your business through making you more accountable to your own vision and goals. The journey of discovery is amazing and the best business investment to date.

Grant Turner

Owner/Managing Director

When I first met David and Harry I had a very strong business. What I didn’t have was a lot of time. I now have a General Manager in place. Some simple strategies and initiatives have increased my bottom line by thousands of dollars. I can only encourage anybody who is running a business to make contact with David and Harry.

Mat Baker


If you are looking for Business Coaching then I would highly recommend Momentum. Not only are David and Harry great guys, who are passionate about helping business owners grow their businesses, they also have the skills, experience and processes to keep you on track and to help you achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Jessica Nixon

General Manager

A lot of us spend more time working in the business rather than on our business - working with Momentum has been great because it gives me an “outsider” perspective on what I’m doing and ensures I stay focused on important goals. Having a mentor who I regularly meet with who understands business and has a wealth of experience and valuable advice is priceless! Harry, David and Jo - thank you!

Nigel Ferguson


...the experience has been great. Working with Momentum provides us with a third-party external perspective when looking to set goals and develop business ideas. The business coaching process provides a framework to set and achieve goals by holding you accountable for the plans you set. From big picture 5-year business planning to 2 weeks small achievable goals, coaching allows you to make the rules and play the game of business.


Janelle Upton


...working with David...has added value to our business through knowledge and practical help to keep us accountable. When we first met I was sceptical about so called business coaches but I would highly recommend Momentum as they have helped us to develop personally and in turn helped our business grow.


What our clients are saying about our workshops


"Most exciting thing I learned was seeing the vision - verbalising vision/purpose/values." 9.6/10 



Kristi Allinson, Director & Financial Controller

"I loved it! was very well organized and encouraged the team to be one!" 9.8/10 

Christie Howson, Director

Value we got from this workshop: "Understanding our behaviour, what drives us, our responses are what we control." 9.2/10


Value we got from this workshop: "The importance of vision and setting forward the plan & goals as a team. Being able to take back business vision and communicate to operations staff."  9.6/10


Value we got from this workshop: "Very enjoyable & well presented, Excellent tools (formulas) for business improvement; Alignment of our team; Good group cohesion through excellent facilitation." 8.9/10


Value we got from this workshop: "That my team...will take ownership over their roles & responsibilities. This workshop was invaluable to our organization." 9.8/10


Value we got from this workshop: "Our people now see our vision clearly & are happy to take the steps to improve, ask the hard questions earlier with staff." 9.1/10


Value we got from this workshop: "Understanding how the different personality types reacted in the role play/sales scenarios, observing our team interacting & learning the sales process, the importance of open questions & the need to listen which will lead into other open questions." 9.4/10


Value we got from this workshop: "The benefits of collective buy-in and commitment, working together, understanding a vision and process towards achieving this." 9.0/10


Value we got from this workshop: "Clearly defining goals & means forward, planning, knowing what resources to undertake, input from staff and their enthusiasm." 9.4/10

What people are saying about our seminars and events

Ali Kimmorley, Director

"It may appear to be a basic topic but ultimately it is the most important asset that can have a huge bearing on our day and the workshop reminded me of this!"

Leigh Richardson, Partner

"Clear, concise and practical, recommended for ALL business owners"

Andrew Beattie, Director

“The guys’ ability to get important messages and content across to the audience in a simple way is sensational and I am sure it will not only improve businesses but save them. Well done”

John Smith, Director

"Great tools to identify the unique strength in our business"

Tim Osborn, Director

“Very informative, interactive & well presented”

Peter McKinnon, Director

"Great session, simple, entertaining, informative and above all usable!"

Stef Kelcher

"Short yet effective!!"

Louise Buyers

"Simple ideas for change to how you look at your business, fresh perspective." 

Jessica Sneddon

"Great 'snack size' presentations with relevant & value-adding content to take business to next level!"

Neil Winterborn

"Easy to understand and implement information."

Luke Boyle

"Some valuable techniques to increase profits in business with minimal effort."

George O'Brien

"Super Informative & motivational."

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