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Give your teams the tools they need to improve your business 

Do you need help getting your team up to speed?

Don't have time to conduct the training you need in-house?

Momentum's training workshops help you and your teams make real progress, real fast.

Our suite of workshops are centred on the key success strategies of our Momentum Business Improvement System. These are the strategies and tools that we know can make the biggest difference to your results. And fast!

And that’s based on more than 21 years of knowledge and experience training thousands of small business owners and their teams.

Suitable for small business owners and teams, or corporate teams, you'll find our training sessions a fun and power-filled day.

Simply choose the topic that fits your needs then use the form below to book your training or make an enquiry. Or if you’re not sure what’s right for you, schedule a no-obligation 20 minute Clarity Call. (We’re very friendly.)


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Experienced and Knowledgeable Trainers

With the know-how, experience and skills to inspire your team.

In Person Workshops Specifically for your Company

Benefit from real-time, live interactions. Delve into issues  that are relevant to your business.

Based on Momentum's Unique System

Proven and practical strategies and tools that get real results, real fast.

Business Training Topics

How to Sell More with Less Effort 

Sales are the lifeblood of any business.  If there are no sales, there is no business. 

The problem is, most people hate to sell. 

This workshop addresses the underlying issue of why people are scared to be seen as “salespeople”, why they are terrified of being “pushy”, and how to disable the seemingly invisible force holding them back from making the sales that they, and your business, deserve.


  • The number 1 thing that holds most people back from success in selling, and what to do about it
  • The secret to building true rapport with your prospective customers and clients, so you can find out their needs and provide them with your solutions 
  • A simple model to structure all your sales interactions that will ensure you will achieve far greater success
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Customer service survey with a green tick on excellent

Extraordinary Customer Service Made Easy

There's no point spending money on advertising to bring new customers in through the door, if your customer service levels are inconsistent and existing customers just keep on leaving.

Businesses that provide superior customer service can charge more for their products and services, make greater profits and increase their market share…and your business could be one of them. 


  • Why customer satisfaction is not enough…in fact, why you don’t want satisfied customers
  • Why clients leave your business
  • How to keep your customers coming back for more
  • The importance of consistency
  • How to delight your's easier than you think
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The Profit Accelerator

Does you business suffer repeated feasts and famines of new leads? Is your marketing and advertising all reactive?  These up and down cycles are a major source of stress for small business owners.

This workshop will teach you Momentum's Profit Powercell system. You can think of the Powercell as the engine that powers your business, driving cash flow and profits. It supports every other aspect of your business, facilitating growth and ensuring a healthy bottom line.


  • About the 4 "Profit Chargers" and how to enhance them
  • How to plug the leaks in the 3 "Profit Drainers". A small tweak in these  areas can create a big splash in your profit pool. 
  • How to apply the Profit Powercel model to your business, and
  • Create your business's one-page Profit Powercell plan
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Customer service survey with a green tick on excellent

The Business Accelerator

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and stress of your own business, but don't know where to start to make a change, this 2-day Workshop will take you step-by-step through designing your business for success.

The complexity that exists in your business right now will be simplified down to a series of simple, 1-page action plans. You’ll walk in feeling that you own an unmanageable beast and walk out feeling under control.

We will help you create:

  • An inspiring vision - to propel your business forward
  • A clear value proposition - to stand out from the crowd
  • Defined goals - to guide your decisions
  • A vibrant culture - to foster productivity, innovation and satisfation
  • 3 x one-page business plans that will clearly layout your business'es future over the next 5 years, down to the next 90 days
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What you can expect from our training workshops

As well as a practical, no-fluff training session with two of Australia’s most experienced and well-regarded business coaches you’ll also

  • Enjoy the process. (Whilst we’re down-to-earth and down-to-business, we can also be pretty entertaining.)
  • Make decisions and learn techniques that you can action the very next day
  • Receive take home hard-copy workbooks so you’ve got a permanent reference tool
  • Enrol as many attendees as required
  • Be 100% happy - or your money back

Feedback from Participants

Harry Raftos and David Crook, business coaches, smiling in front of Newcastle beach.

About your Momentum Trainers

David and Harry have presented seminars and workshops to thousands of Australian business people, as well as presenting and training internationally in the US, New Zealand, Europe, Indonesia and Fiji.

They are well-renowned, in demand, and experienced business coaches and trainers with 35,000 hours of business coaching behind them. And their coaching results speak for themselves. 

They have developed a unique system - the Momentum Business Improvement System - which distils the knowledge from more than 21 years of successful business coaching - and is the basis of their workshop training programs.

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