How to be a time management superstar

Do you ever feel you have too much to do in too little time? This course will give you simple tools that will help you clarify objectives, conquer procrastination and get more done in less time.



  • You'll sleep better knowing that things aren't slipping through the cracks
  • You'll feel a sense of achievement at the end of every day, instead of the frustration of under-achieving
  • You'll find yourself actually achieving the goals you set for yourself
  • You'll be working on your highest priorities instead of having your day stolen by annoying interruptions and low priority tasks
  • You'll no longer spend your day "putting out fires"

Have you have ever said to yourself...I just don't have enough time?

Do you feel like you are suffering from overwhelm; there is just too much to do; you are the busiest person while everyone else seems to go home at a decent hour?

If you are nodding along then this is the course for you!

You are not alone here, we have coached thousands of small business owners and this is by far the most common challenge that we see.


Why did you go into business in the first place?

There could be many answers to that question, things like - the challenge, I want to leave a legacy, no one would employ me :). But in our experience it comes down to 2 things: I want to earn more money and I want to have MORE FREE time so I can do the things I want to.

Well this course is here to help and guide you with the MORE FREE time part (which in turn will actually help you earn more money).

But let's not run here before we can walk. If you are like most business owners the idea of lots and lots of free time seems totally unrealistic when you are working 55+ hours per week and things are still not getting done.

Lets us help and guide you to take the first steps on a journey to becoming a time management superstar.



inside the program

Learn the Number 1 thing that’s holding you back from controlling your time

Learn the 2 simple tools that will help you regain control of your time and eliminate procrastination

Learn to delegate effectively so you can focus on the important things

A look at what's coming

Your Ideal Week - How to get more time for yourself

In this lesson we get you thinking about your time. How do you currently prioritise what gets done, and what doesn't?  What stops you from achieving everything that you want to each and every day?

We provide you with a step-by-step guide of how to create a simple tool called "The Ideal Week".  A tool that we've used with thousands of business owners to truly help them get control and plan their time and their life.


A new way to use To-Do lists

We can't manage time, it just keeps on ticking.  What we can manage are our priorities -  what we do with the time we have. 

In this video we take the humble ‘to-do list’ to a whole new level. Once you train yourself to follow this simple system, you'll be well on your way to becoming a ‘Time Management Superstar’.


How to become great at delegating

“I just can't get my team to do what I ask them to”, “I don’t have time to delegate”,  “No one can do it as well as I can”.  Have you ever made any of these comments to yourself before?  

In this video we'll explore what stops most people from delegating; what holds them back.  Also, why when you have delegated in the past it might not have had the desired outcome? We will then teach you a really simple series of steps to get you delegating effectively. 



Course will be delivered

  • 3 Self-Paced Video Modules
  • Fillable Workbooks
  • Accessible via Desktop or Mobile App


Success Stories

"Thank you for a great start to the rest of my life! Looking forward to utilising your tips." 

Leah Nesbitt


“I'm a small business owner & new mum, so time management is of even more value to me - this was very helpful..”

Lauren Henry

Common Circus


“Don’t waste your morning having coffee, use the time for awesome business education.”

Michael Barwell



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  • 3 Self-Paced Video Modules
  • Fillable Workbooks
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