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Discovering the right business coach

Ever considered a business coach to help you improve your business? Even Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, said, 'The best advice I ever got was to get a coach.' But how do you select a business coach, not just a good one...a great one? Dive in to discover the secrets to finding the perfect guide for your business."

Small business ownership is an exhilarating, yet oftentimes exhausting journey. Breaking free from the day-to-day grind, converting chaos into control, and unearthing those elusive profits can feel overwhelming. But what if the right guide could make this journey not only manageable but also immensely rewarding? Enter the world of business coaching.

So if you've reached that point and your thinking that a business coach could be good for your business…then read on. In this article we have attempted to give you an unbiased viewpoint on how you select the ideal business coach for you. But, let's start with a word of caution...

The Growing Yet Unregulated Landscape of Business Coaching

It's undeniable: the business coaching industry has seen an explosive growth. According to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Study, the profession has witnessed a marked surge, with global revenue reaching a staggering $2.849 billion USD in 2019 (1). This growth reflects the increasing acceptance and importance of business coaching in the dynamic business market.

Yet, a word of caution is warranted. While the industry's expansion is quite amazing, it's also attracted countless individuals looking to ride the wave. Thousands now don the title of "business coach," many of whom have observed the blossoming sector and deemed it an opportune moment to join. Regrettably, the absence of regulation in this sector, as of this writing, means that it's riddled with mostly well-intentioned, yet inexperienced individuals. This can potentially tarnish the reputation of this great profession.

So then, how do you find that perfect coach? One that understands your struggles, propels your business forward, and helps you find that much-needed balance? We're here to share a series of insights that will help you answer that question. We believe there are four key elements and we will step you through each one:

  • Proven System
  • Experience
  • Results
  • Connection
  1. The Foundation of a Proven System

You wouldn't start building a house without a plan and a system of where to start and in what order, would you? Similarly, diving into the sea of business coaching without a systematic approach is like sailing blindfolded. Coaching shouldn't be an impulsive adventure, driven by spur-of-the-moment decisions. Instead, it should be rooted in a solid foundation, grounded in understanding core business principles.

Ask your potential coach about their methodology. Is there a clear, tried, and proven system in place that they religiously apply to their client's businesses? Is it intuitive, easily graspable, and most importantly, effective?

Here at Momentum, we've curated The Momentum System™. This isn't just a fancy name; it's the essence of over 35,000 hours of detailed business coaching sessions, tailored to drive success. A system should be your compass, guiding you through the complexities of business, turning the chaos into control.

  1. The Weight of Experience

Imagine climbing a mountain for the first time. Would you opt for a guide who merely read about the ascent or someone who's scaled it multiple times, knows every nook, cranny, shortcut, and potential risk? The answer is clear.

While credentials and qualifications hold value, nothing beats firsthand experience, especially in the volatile world of small businesses. Ask your potential coach about their experiences. Have they been in the trenches with other business owners, aiding in their battles, strategizing victories, and learning from losses?

Remember, a great coach isn't just about having a shiny resume; it's about possessing a passion for understanding the intricacies of small businesses. It's about having both the wisdom from years of experience and the passion to Improve businesses and change lives.

Sir Richard Branson, a beacon of entrepreneurial success, once said, "A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts." A good coach will not only focus on profitability but will also ensure you're passionately involved and innovatively engaged in your venture.

  1. The Assurance of Results

In a world full with information, business owners like you are constantly bombarded with distractions, choices, and decisions. A great coach is your lighthouse amidst this storm, showing the path ahead and ensuring you remain focused on your goals.

But how can you be sure of their competence? Dive into their testimonials. Real-world feedback provides an unfiltered glimpse into their coaching prowess. It's essential to differentiate between a coach who's merely pleasant and one who can truly guide you towards results, even if it means offering tough love now and then.

Remember, coaching isn't about fostering a feel-good friendship; it's about transformation, growth, and achieving your utmost potential.

  1. The Personal Connection

As with any meaningful relationship in life, the bond between a coach and a business owner is built on mutual respect and understanding. You'll be sharing your business dreams, challenges, and aspirations with this individual. Therefore, it's crucial to resonate with their personality, philosophy, and vision.

Dig deeper into who they are as individuals. What are their core beliefs? Where do they envision their coaching trajectory headed? What values define them? Once you grasp these nuances, reflect: do these align with your ethos? Trust your instincts and ensure that the connection feels authentic and not just transactional.

Stephen R. Covey, renowned for his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", reminds us, "Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important." An adept coach will guide you to discern between the two, ensuring that your business priorities are always aligned with your long-term vision.

In the often busy and sometimes confusing world of small business ownership, the right coach can be your beacon. Their guidance can help you sidestep pitfalls, embrace opportunities, and truly unlock the hidden potential within your venture. So how do you actually select a coach...what are the steps?

Navigating The Business Coach Labyrinth

Navigating the vast ocean of business coaching can feel overwhelming. But with the right strategy and information, you can pinpoint the perfect coach tailored to your business aspirations.

  1. Actionable Steps to Filter the Best

Step 1: Research and Recommendations
Start with a list of potential coaches, sourced from recommendations, online reviews, or industry directories. Your peers can offer invaluable insights into their experiences, helping you identify potential fits.

Step 2: Initial Consultation
Once you have a list, approach each coach for an initial consultation. This is your opportunity to gauge their expertise, understand not only their approach, but also their coaching model and evaluate personal compatibility.

Step 3: Dive into Case Studies / Results
Before finalizing your choice, request case studies or the real world results they have achieved. These will give you a tangible sense of their work, the kinds of businesses they've transformed, and the results they've achieved.

  1. Final Thoughts: The Future of Your Business

Your journey as a small business owner is filled with challenges and opportunities alike. However, with the right business coach, you’re not just navigating this journey alone but are powered with the insights, expertise, and mentorship that can transform your business narrative.

In the words of Tony Robbins, "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." By seeking a business coach, you're taking a proactive step toward change, growth, and unparalleled success.

Next Steps: If you find yourself at the crossroads, looking for clarity, we invite you to take the next decisive step. Dive deeper, ask questions, and chart your path forward with confidence. For those committed to transformation and excellence, we invite you to book a Clarity Call with us. Let's explore how we can Improve your business and change your life.

Remember, Momentum Business Improvement is here to support you every step of the way. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Momentum: Improve your business…change your life!

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