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case study
5 star feedback from workshop participants

In this case study, we showcase our collaboration with the PHN (Primary Health Network) to design and implement a specialized business skills workshop for allied health practitioners.

This case study was provided to us by the PHN. Hope you enjoy reading.

Case Study:

Business Planning Workshops: Presented by Momentum Business Improvement for the Primary Health Network


The Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network (PHN) is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the Commonwealth government to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the primary health care system. To support allied health practices, the PHN put to market an expression of interest for business coaches to design and deliver a business skills workshop.

The learning outcomes were to provide participants with an understanding of;

  • how to develop a high-level business plan for their practice
  • steps to implement a business plan
  • business measures to monitor performance and support quality improvement
  • business soft skills required to run an effective practice.

After a highly competitive Expression of Interest review process, Momentum Business Improvement were the successful provider selected by a panel to design and develop the Business Skills Workshops specifically for allied health practices. The goal of the workshops was to upskills practice owners/managers with relevant business knowledge and to provide the appropriate tools to implement business plans and monitor progress.


Business skills training was identified as a need area by the Hunter New Central Coast Primary Health Network Allied Health Reference Group (AHRG) members. Clinicians often advised the PHN team that their degree to become and allied health professionals did not include education on how to navigate a business as a sole trader or small business owner in Primary health care and therefore business knowledge and skills was a need.

The gap in business skills education often leads to additional stress for clinicians, lack of confidence in managing the business, clinician burn out and practices not able being to reach their full potential. This outcome directly impacts not only the clinician but also the patient experience when engaging with a practice.


Momentum developed the content for a full day allied health focused business skills workshop and then delivered face to face workshops in 4 locations across the PHN region. The target audience was small to medium size allied health practices focusing on practice owners, managers, administration staff or allied health professionals with an interest in learning business skills. The session was run face to face in small groups in an interactive workshop with a maximum of 25 attendees per session.

The participants were taught a comprehensive model of how to grow a business and learned a simple planning methodology that allowed them to create a series of simple One-Page business improvement plans on the day. The first plan was a Vision Map, spelling out the goals for 5, 2 and 1 years. The second plan was their One-Year Business Improvement Plan, filled with strategies taught by Momentum to achieve their 1-year goals. The third One-Page plan was a 90 Day Sprint to capture the exact actions they will implement into their business in the next quarter.

Participants were provided comprehensive workbooks and templates to be completed during the workshop. The presenters were engaging and motivating which enabled them to successfully deliver substantial amounts of information in a brief time. Participants were provided access to a follow up Q&A online seminar with the Momentum team a month after the workshop. In addition, access to further training videos was made available for three months post the workshop to help embed the learning.


All the learning outcomes were met to a level that exceeded expectations of most participants. Attendees of the workshop all walked out at the end of the day with a series of plans already drafted (at various stages) and a huge grab-bag of strategies they can implement into their businesses. They also left the workshop with a new paradigm of how to grow their businesses and renewed confidence in doing so.

Workshop evaluation surveys were completed by 92% or participants resulting in outstanding results summarised below.


These results are reflective of the high quality of the content and the skill of the Momentum coaches to deliver a large quantity of information within a day while keeping the participants engaged.

Several business owners expressed that they had engaged in business skills training previously but never had they been delivered a format that is so easy to understand, use and implement.

Below is a list of the testimonials from participants:

“Thanks so much! Life changing!”

“Fabulous workshop, highly recommend.”

“Fun, meaningful and engaging event filled with valuable information and resources.”

“Thank you so much! As someone who has only clinical skills (not business) I feel a lot less overwhelmed and know where to go with a booming business.”

“Amazing event. Great use of 8 hours of my time.”

“Wonderful session. Will take away a lot from today.”

“Amazing facilitation!!

“Very engaging, great content, love the 1-page concept as it’s doable.”


The participants evaluation feedback is evidence of the high value of the workshop provided with participants all walked away with highly relevant and useful skills and the appropriate tools to implement new business plans and strategies.

As a provider Momentum Business Improvement are true professionals, experts at collaboration, they maintained excellent communication, achieve deadlines, and offered a flexible approach. Momentum demonstrated an outstanding commitment to providing high quality results for both workshop participants and the PHN.

The Business skills workshops would be of value to any private allied health practice, general practice or health-based organisation wanting to improve or grow their business. Several participants commented the workshops relevance to a business at any stage regardless of being well-established or at the start up stage. The core fundamentals of the workshop are transferable to other industries outside the health sector also.

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